To encourage the sport of underwater spearfishing as a recreation and a potential source of diving knowledge, with activities extending from simple diving to exploration of the undersea to recommended safe limits for sport divers, and to further the sport of diving through educational programs with any interested organizations!
Members of the Louisiana Council of Underwater Dive Clubs (LCUDC) including members of the Hell Divers Spearfishing Club have partnered with scientists from the University of New Orleans, the University of Southern Mississippi, and NOAA to conduct very important research on fishes on the Louisiana coast. As a result of these efforts by our divers, several new and important discoveries have been made concerning the invasive Lionfish and the economically important Tarpon. This research has been conducted without any public grants or financial support and highlights our continuing commitment to conservation and the preservation of our heritage as Louisiana sports men and women. Read More...
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HellDivers - Best Club
Mark Peart - King
Rafe Antil - Best Boat

King: Rafe Antil of HellDivers!
King 1st Runner Up: Louis Rossignol of HellDivers!
King 2nd Runner Up: David Dauzat of HellDivers!
Queen: Christy Stone of Aqua Aces!
Queen 1st Runner Up: Abbie Donaldson of Aqua Aces!
Queen 2nd Runner Up: Scott Cameron of HellDivers!
Best Club: HellDivers!
Best Boat: Under Pressure of HellDivers!
Champion Skin Diver: Vincent Leblanc of HellDivers!
Skin Diver 1st Runner Up: Scott Cameron of HellDivers!
Skin Diver 2nd Runner Up: Tracy Palmisano of Sea Tigers!
Senior Diver: Terry Migaud of HellDivers!
Senior Diver 1st Runner Up: Jimmy Richard of HellDivers!
Junior Diver: Avery Faucheux!
Junior Diver 1st Runner Up: Zachary Schmidt of HellDivers!

For the 2012 competition year Mark Peart won King of the HellDivers and King of the Louisiana Council of Underwater Diver Clubs!
Awesome job Mark!

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The Helldivers win Best Club at the Sea Tigers Rodeo!
Helldiver Mark Peart took King Diver.
Rokless Zone took Best Boat!
Congratulations to Scott Cameron the Sheephead Killer for this 13 lb. State Record Sheephead!
The fish is almost as big as him!
Good job Zach!